Arkansas is filled with quaint little towns that are perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway. Find your ideal Arkansas retreat by browsing our suggestions below:


This scenic small town sits in Northern Arkansas, tucked up along the banks of the Little Buffalo River. Just a few miles from the Ozark National Forest, Jasper is an ideal stopover for outdoor enthusiasts in search of the hiking, biking, fishing, and more that this area affords. After a day of exploring the nearby Arkansas Grand Canyon or hiking out to Triple Falls, head back to town for some grub at the Ozark Café, a local favorite. In the morning, explore the downtown square replete with a historical courthouse and cute shops or rent a canoe and paddle your way down the Buffalo. A weekend in Jasper will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

While you're in Jasper go for a lovely kayak ride down the Buffalo River.

While you’re in Jasper go for a lovely kayak ride down the Buffalo River.

El Dorado

This quaint town in Southern Arkansas boomed to life during the 1920s when an oil rush brought thousands of speculators looking for their share of the black gold mineral rights. City planners laid out new streets and red brick buildings sprang up to accommodate the town’s new businesses. Today, if you walk through the tree-lined streets of downtown, you’ll see that many of the town’s 1930s architectural gems have been restored to their original splendor. Now these buildings play host to fine dining and boutique shops that attract thousands of visitors every year. Whether you’re just coming on a day trip or plan to stay the weekend, you’ll find plenty to do in this lovely small town.

Eureka Springs

Originally developed as spa destination back in the late 1800s, the picturesque town of Eureka Springs still attracts hordes of visitors who come seeking its therapeutic waters. Burrowed in the Ozark Mountains, this sleepy town of 2000 boasts more than 60 geothermal hot springs plus lots of places for nearby outdoor recreation. Wander through the tidy downtown streets lined with Victorian-style residences and buildings, as you take in the town’s historic district which was named one of “America’s Distinctive Destinations” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This resort village is also a favorite in the art world, as it is home to a collection of independent art galleries. While you’re there, consider stopping by the Thorncrown Chapel, a gorgeous, light-filled chapel with glass walls that sits in the middle of the woods.

Make visit to Eureka Springs' Thorncrown in the midst of fall foliage, and you will not be disappointed.

Make visit to Eureka Springs’ Thorncrown in the midst of fall foliage, and you will not be disappointed.

Siloam Springs

Another town built around and named for its natural springs, Siloam sits on the Western edge of the state, right on the border with Oklahoma. This small town, population 15,000, has lots of appeal with its small shops and wonderful features like the Dogwood Springs Walking Trail that meanders alongside its namesake spring. After a day of exploring, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. This town has all types of cuisine, from the down-home cooking at Cathy’s Corner to upscale cosmopolitan dining at 28 Springs. Catch some shut eye at the Inn at the Springs, a recently renovated Bed & Breakfast that offers the plushest accommodations in town.