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Ozark Scenery

Sunsets on Bull Shoals Lake are spectacular!
Below are a few seen near Tall Timbers Resort.

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Perhaps the lovely, varying colors of the Ozark Mountains' sunsets on Bull Shoals Lake are the most beautiful scenery you will find. The sunsets of all seasons will leave you breathless.

The Arkansas Ozark Mountains Have Four Distinctive Seasons

One thing you can be assured of, whatever season you visit the Ozarks, you will have sights that dazzle all your senses.

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There are few places that can compare to the Ozark Mountains' scenic beauty. Spring has its fresh look as the Dogwood and Redbud come back to life.  A spectacular array of wildflowers paint the hillsides with colors that often last through summer. 

As summer arrives, the greenery of the hills burst forth and graces the towering bluffs along the shores.  Although summer can be very warm, you will find that the daytime activities on the lake are refreshing and the evenings will usually become cool and pleasant for any type of activity.

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Fall has a charm all its own. The changing colors dotted with the green Cedars and pine create picture-perfect memories. The photographers who come to capture these scenes will not go away disappointed. 

Even winter has its own character. The temperatures are mild to brisk, but the chance to view the wildlife and the mountains through the bare trees is worth the trip. When a rare snowfall does happen, it transforms the area into a winter wonderland.

Regardless what season you come to visit the Ozarks, you will find much to enjoy.  In fact, you will return several times so you can experience all the wonderment of the seasons the Arkansas Ozarks has to offer.


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